U.S. Home Builder Confidence Rises in August

Home builders are feeling more confident in their sales prospects headed into next year, a sign that home construction and sales of newly built homes may pick up after stalling this summer. Read More. Article Provided by the Post & Courier.

Harvard's 5 Financial Reasons to Buy a Home

Eric Belsky is Managing Director of the Joint Center of Housing Studies at Harvard University. Last year, he released a paper on homeownership - The Dream Lives On: the Future of Homeownership in America. Read More. Article Provided by the KCM Blg.

What is Holding Back the Real Estate Market?

Though the housing market is recovering nicely, it is not doing quite as well as some analysts had predicted. There has been no shortage of excuses offered as to why this is: the rise in interest rates, more stringent lending standards, the weather. However, we feel that there is one factor that is most responsible for curtailing the number of houses sold – the number of houses available for sale! Read More. Article Provided by the KCM Blog.

Ten Commandments for Home Buyers

Buying a home can be alot like when you were learning to ride a bike, unsteady at first and tough to predict the bumps in the road.  However, the key is to have the right guidance to make sure the learning process is as smooth as possible.  The same applies when making a home purchase,  and you can start by reading the 10 must-follow-commandments! Article Provided by Meg Robb

Coming Soon REOs

View our list of REO properties that will be coming onto the market in the near future Here.